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How Long Does Partial Hospitalization Last?

Updated: Jul 3

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are an important treatment option for individuals who require intensive mental health care but without 24-hour supervision. At Elevated Healing Treatment Centers, we offer comprehensive PHPs designed to provide structured support while allowing clients to maintain their daily routines. A common question is: how long does partial hospitalization last?

Duration of PHP

The timeframe of a PHP varies depending on individual needs and treatment goals. Generally, this process lasts anywhere from several weeks to a few months. The length of time required in the program is determined during the initial assessment phase, where a thorough evaluation of the individual's mental health status, treatment history, and personal circumstances is conducted. This personalized approach ensures that the treatment plan is tailored to address specific issues, such as anxiety, depression, or eating disorders.

PHPs are highly structured and involve attending the program five days a week for several hours each day. This intensive schedule allows for a deep immersion into various therapeutic activities, including individual therapy, group sessions, and skill-building workshops. For some cases, CBT therapy is often utilized to help clients develop healthier thinking patterns, while EMDR may be applied to address trauma-related issues like PTSD. The program’s intensity helps foster significant progress in a relatively short period.

PHP is Flexible 

It's important to note that the duration of a PHP is flexible and can be adjusted based on ongoing assessments of the individual's progress. Regular reviews with a healthcare provider help determine if the client is ready to transition to a less intensive level of care, such as an IOP program, or if continued participation in the PHP is necessary to achieve treatment goals.

Step-Down Approach

Transitioning out of a PHP will generally consist of a step-down approach, where the individual gradually reduces their time in the program. This helps ease the shift back to everyday life while maintaining support and continuity in treatment. Following the program, clients often continue with outpatient services or other programs, such as individual therapy or support groups, to sustain the progress made during the program and prevent relapse.

At Elevated Healing Treatment Centers, we emphasize the unique needs of each client, ensuring that the length and structure of the PHP are designed to provide the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to empower individuals to achieve lasting recovery and improve their overall quality of life. If you or a loved one is considering a PHP, our team is here to guide you through the process and support you every step of the way.

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