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Elevated Healing Mental Health Care Woodland Hills

Elevated Healing
Treatment Centers.

Transformative Mental Health Sanctuary in Woodland Hills,
Southern California

Mental Health Care, Reimagined

Holistic Healing in a Comfortable Luxurious Environment

Welcome to Elevated Healing Treatment Centers, a pioneering mental health sanctuary in Southern California. Our mission is to provide a transformative healing journey in a luxurious, retreat-style environment. From our inception, we've been committed to offering comprehensive, evidence-based treatments combined with innovative therapies and holistic care, ensuring each patient's journey is deeply personal and profoundly healing.

Unmatched Patient-Centric Care

At Elevated Healing Treatment Centers, our patients' well-being is our utmost priority. Our dedicated team ensures reliability, comfort, and unparalleled customer service, making us a trusted partner in mental health care. Our facilities, nestled in serene and affluent neighborhoods, offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury, from our beautiful residences to full amenities including a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and outdoor gym.

Tailored and Innovative Therapies

We understand the importance of value, convenience, and ease of use for our clients and their families. Our treatment approaches are holistic, blending traditional and innovative therapies tailored to meet the whole person's needs - mind, body, and spirit. We pride ourselves on our community engagement, comprehensive staff training, and the integration of advanced technology to enhance both treatment and administrative efficiency.

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Couples Therapy
Therapist and Patient
Therapy Office
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Support Groups

Beyond Treatment:
A Community of
Long-Term Wellness and Support

Our treatment centers are more than a treatment center; They are a community committed to long-term wellness and support. Our innovative alumni program and personalized wellness and recreation programs ensure that our patients continue to feel supported well beyond their time in our care.

Compassionate Client-Centered Approach

Guided by our vision of Compassionate Client-Centered Care, we strive to improve lives and inspire hope, integrating this ethos into every aspect of our operations. This commitment to our vision and mission elevates the standard of mental health care, creating a legacy of healing and hope for all who walk through our doors.

Client centered individual care
flexible appointment hours to fit your schedule

Introducing Our Exclusive AM & PM Programs: Your Path to Flexible Healing

Welcome to Elevated Healing Treatment Centers, where flexibility meets personalized care in our unique AM and PM PHP/IOP sessions. Unlike traditional mental health facilities, we understand that life doesn't pause for recovery, so why should your treatment options? Our one-of-a-kind offering allows you to choose between day or evening programs, empowering you to prioritize your well-being without sacrificing your daily commitments. Whether you're balancing work, school, or family responsibilities, our tailored schedules ensure you receive the support you need, when you need it most. Experience the freedom to heal on your own terms with Elevated Healing Treatment Centers – because your journey to wellness should never be put on hold.  

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Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. 

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